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Our School

Parking, Pick-Up, Drop-Off

Traffic Pattern Information

Entrances to the building will open:
7:30 a.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
8:30 a.m. on Wednesdays

West Drive and Go

The west parking lot is meant to be a drive through lane. Parents and students are to stay in their cars until they come to a stop between the cones in front of the building. At that point, please have your students exit the vehicle. Do not park in the parking spots in front of the building or on a side street and walk your student across Trilein and across the west drive and go lane. The parking spots in front of the building are to be used for parents who have meetings at Northeast before and after school.

South Park and Get

The south parking lot is for all kindergarten families and those who need to get out of their cars and walk their students to and from the school doors. This lot is small and fills up quickly.  If you are not a kindergarten family and you do not have a need to use this lot, please do not.  We reserve this lot for our kindergarten students as it takes them a bit more time to get settled into their cars. Be sure to park in a designated parking spot.  Avoid creating your own spot or using the handicap spots if you do not have a handicap tag. In addition, please park your car and walk across the lot to pick your student(s) up, then walk them safely back to your car. We are asking that all adults set a good example for our students and wait for your child on the sidewalk or the playground rather than in the lot itself.

North Bus Lot

The north lot is used strictly for bus and daycare vans. This lot is not meant to be used for parent pick up. It is not safe for students to be walking through the staff parking lot looking for their car. There is no adult supervision in the gravel lot on this side of the building. All parent pick up should occur on either the west or the south side of the building.

Entering the Building

Students will either enter at the front door W1 or the south door S11

One final note, please remember to be alert and attentive in our lots.  There are over 650 students that enter and exit our building every day.  It is important that we are all alert and watchful.  Please avoid texting and driving.  Our student’s safety depends on it.