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Parking, Pick-Up, Drop-Off

Traffic Pattern Information

Entrances to the building will open at 7:30 a.m.

North Side

  • North Side Bus Pick-up Lane: The 18th St. entrance is used between the hours of 7:15-8:15 and 2:45-3:15 for buses and daycare vans only.  No other vehicles will be allowed to use the drive between these times.
  • Daycare students are dropped off and picked up on the north side. If the daycare van will be late, an adult waiter, provided by the daycare, will be available to wait with the students.

South Side

  • Any non-bus students may enter or exit the building using the S11 door 
  • Morning Drop Off Procedures:
    • All families traveling north on Trilein Drive will drop off their students using the south lot.
    • Please follow the traffic arrows that are painted on the ground.
    • There is a continuous drop and go flow during the morning hours only, drop off by the S11 door (SW corner).  Parents stay in their cars and drop students off at the curb exiting the car from the right side. 
    • If you need to park and walk your student to the door, please use the crosswalk.
  • After School Pick Up Procedures:
    • All Kindergarten parent pick-up students will exit the Southeast doors (S10) to the playground area where cones will be set up similar to the west side for parents to pick-up once parked.  
    • Kindergarten and 5th grade teachers will supervise these areas
    • Please do not allow children to enter this parking lot unattended by an adult.  Parents must park and pick their child up at the cone area inside the playground
  • Students walking home toward the south will exit the southwest doors (S11).

West Side

  • This is the main entrance.  All families traveling south on Trilein Drive will use this entrance in the morning.
  • All first through fifth grade students will line up on the west side after school.  Kindergarten parent pick up students will be on the south side.  If you have a kindergartener and older students, please pick all of your students up on the south side.
  • Parents stay in their cars and drop students off at the curb exiting the car from the right side.  Students should exit their car when they are between the drop off signs.  Please be sure to pull up to the beginning of the drop off zone to allow multiple cars to drop off and pick up at the same time.
  • Any non-bus student may enter or exit the building using the west main doors (W1)
  • Please do not park in the west lot parking spots and walk your child to the door. Use the south lot to park and walk students to the door.
  • Students will line up by grade level after school and will dismiss as their car enters into the pick-up area zone, which is marked by signs.
  • 1-4th grade teachers will supervise this area
  • Students walking home toward the north, east, and west will exit the west doors (W1).

Morning Routine

  • The west (W1) and south (S11) doors will open at 7:30.  There is no supervision before 7:30
  • Students arriving between 7:30-7:45 will report to the gym
  • Parents wanting to enter the building for any reason will show their ID and obtain a visitor’s badge in the office
  • Students arriving after 7:45 will go directly to their classroom
  • Breakfast is available starting at 7:30 in the cafeteria

School Day Times

  • 7:55-2:55 Monday-Friday

Special Event Parking

  • When Northeast has a special event the parking can become very crowded.  Please plan ahead.
  • On these days, parking will be available in all lots and on the side streets west of the main entrance.

Thank you for your help and cooperation when working to keep these high traffic times of day as safe as possible for our NE students!